Ben Seedhouse is one of two graduates who have recently joined our team as Sales Analysts as part of our client growth strategy. As a young, promising professional in the financial market, he provides an insight into his role and his outlook of the industry today.

Within your role as Sales Analyst what are your responsibilities?

Ben: I’m responsible for analysing and researching the market to ensure I am always ready to provide my colleagues and our clients with the insight they need for deal executions and future trends. The other half of my role is based around client relations; building and maintaining relationships to support our clients and grow our business in new areas.

As a niche sector of the financial industry, what insights can Black&Callow offer potential clients?
Ben:Almost every member of the Black&Callow sales and project management teams has significant deal experience, ranging from nine or ten years to thirty years, so our insight is unrivalled. Our experience includes the largest and most complex global deals, from the Lloyds Bank recapitalization – still the largest ever UK fundraising – to current cross-border M&A deals, so we know how to cover every eventuality.

How does Black&Callow provide added value?
Ben: It’s an industry that’s changing considerably too. We have a team focused on both technology and the changing face of regulation in our industry, so we can develop solutions that will help our clients.
We aim to work very closely with our clients, and whether on a big or small value deal, they are all guaranteed the same Black&Callow experience. Close collaboration with clients allows us to provide the best possible service.

Bringing a fresh, new perspective on the industry, what do you feel you can uniquely offer clients?
Ben: A fresh set of eyes is always useful in any industry, and I feel financial print is just the same. Therefore, I feel that I can provide a new perspective on current issues whilst also working at the forefront of the business to develop our online systems, iRoadshow and ipoResearchOnline.

How is Black&Callow moving forward in the industry?
Ben: Black&Callow is developing its business model into new sectors, whilst still retaining the best financial print team in the market. It is growing naturally through technology, whilst investing in different service offerings to expand on its the core business  – with iRoadshow and ipoResearchOnline.


If you would like to find out more about Black&Callow’s services contact Ben via: ben.seedhouse@blackandcallow.com