Producing Blacklined Comparison files which are the easiest to use in the market is one thing. Producing them in a fraction of the time it takes other providers is quite another.

But we’ve done it, according to leading global Law Firms.


Competing providers' Comparison file:

  • Created via exporting current typeset version into Word, exporting previous typeset version into Word, then Deltaview comparing the two
  • Files are time-consuming to produce, and prone to errors in the conversion & comparison processes
  • Difficult to read and check with Word's formatting extensions in the margin
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Black&Callow Comparison file:

  • Created directly from our typesetting system
  • No need for exports to Word or Deltaview comparisons
  • Fast to produce, 100% accurate
  • No Word formatting commands in the margin, but easy to read and understand
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black&callow's typesetting team   

Developed in conjunction with leading typesetting software company 3B2, our Comparison files are driven direct from our typesetting system – reducing error, increasing speed & usability. And because we have the largest in-house financial typesetting capacity in Europe, there are no delays if you need them immediately.