E-Bibles, also known as Transaction Bibles, provide a comprehensive and permanent record of documents relating to a particular transaction or legal case.

Time is frequently of the essence when producing E-Bibles and our high-volume scanning, in London and via secure partners across the UK, means that we can collect and scan your documents to accommodate. Equally we can quickly and easily convert your electronic files from a variety of formats including MS Word courtesy of our unrivalled in-house typesetting capacity.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is applied to scanned documents so that all project files are fully text searchable and ready to index. Once complied, the index is ready to view and may be amended as required to fit your preferred index. Our 24/7 typesetting team can create hyperlinks from your files to the index to aid quick navigation. 

All documents including the index can then be uploaded to a secure Virtual Data Room or archived onto CD/DVD, along with covers using your house-style or branding.