What do we offer?

Unrivalled insight – Page Level Reporting lets you see which pages/slides investors are looking at – and which they aren’t

Cross-browser, cross-device compatible for easier investor use

Greater file security including Dynamic Watermarking

MAR compliant – download detailed reports on user activity at the touch of a button

EU data protection – UK hosting avoids US-data collection concerns

Flexible, easy to use software

Class-leading Q&A and reporting functions

EU data protection-compliant

Unrivalled security

24/7 Help & Support

Easy file upload & organisation

Advanced search functions

On demand, 24-hr, fast & flexible

Distribution by courier, mail, electronic media

Timed, number stamped, bespoke research

Digital file manipulation and personalisation

High quality colour digital & litho printing & finishing

24-hr typesetting, proofing, printing & distribution

Speed, flexibility and confidentiality

Listing Authority-compliant blacklined, strikethrough, & comparison files

Most experienced Project Management team in Europe

Global reach & experience on the largest transactions

Content consultancy, structuring and design

Best Practice help & advice 24-hr typesetting, proofing, printing & distribution

Online and printed Reports

SEC Edgar production including 20-F Reports

What's included?

Single iRoadshow platform - can be used for one or both stages

Flexible hosting (6 months as standard)

Unlimited files

Unlimited investor & Deal Manager access

Storage up to 40Mb

Unlimited usage Reports

24 hr help & support

Secure Due Diligence data room

Flexible hosting (6 months as standard)

Unlimited client and advisor access

Class-leading Reporting on all user activity

24 hr help & support

Unlimited files up to 2,000 pages (subject to Terms and Conditions)

Single Global Co-ordinator research printing

Add Joint Glo Co research at discounted cost

On-demand printing & fulfilment

Up to 64 pages printed in colour process throughout

Up to 250 printed copies

Envelopes & enclosing for courier distribution and/or Royal Mail collection

24 hr help & support

Typesetting, proofing, printing & mailing

Listing Authority-compliant proofs

Initial typesetting and 10 proof cycles

Up to 200 pages printed black throughout + cover logo in colour

Printing Pathfinders and/or Finals - 250 copies total

Envelopes & enclosing for courier distribution and/or Royal Mail collection

24 hr help & support

Help & support developing a Best Practice Report

Choice of design templates

Initial typesetting & 4 proof cycles Up to 64 pages, with 4-colour cover and 2-colour text

500 printed copies in colour

Interactive PDF web version

Envelopes & enclosing for courier distribution and/or Royal Mail collection

24 hr help & support