Good design is about more than just an interesting layout. It's about using your brand in a unique and engaging way, whether you have an established house style or you're looking for something new. It's about inspiring your audience to understand what you have to say and enjoy the way you're saying it.

Via our own in-house design resources or through our partnership with market-leading agencies, we have the knowledge and experience to understand your business and listen to what you need to convey, and the inspiration to bring your documents to life.

We've helped clients in all manner of ways with their design, from simple front covers for an IPO, through helping develop Fund Reports with better layout and use of imagery, to more complex Annual Reports on a global scale. 

Good design takes its cues from the subject matter: from conveying a difficult set of results to unveiling a new product or service; from elegant and refined to avant-garde and striking. We take time to understand your message and brief our designers accordingly, so they can come up with alternative treatments for your consideration.

Just some of the designs we have brought to life are showcased here:

Torotrak is the global innovator in gearless traction drive technology to reduce Co2 emissions in vehicles. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative, practical technologies focused around its three key products: Gearless traction drive transmissions (Torotrak), Variable drive superchargers (V-Charge) and Mechanical kinetic energy recovery systems (Flybrid).

In 2010 Torotrak refreshed its strategy, following intensive developments in its business and technology. It decided that it needed to reflect those changes in its Annual Report, while also explaining its business more clearly to investors. Presenting its key messages and strategy, within a clear and creative design, was a key challenge.

"The result was a very well thought through Report, with clear navigation, case studies and succinct articulation of our strategy and objectives" said Torotrak's Commercial & Finance Director. The response has been excellent and the company won the 2010 Investor Relations Society award for “Most Improved Annual Report”.

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc is a dynamic hospitality and hotel ownership group with over 100 hotels around the world. The Group is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, which includes keeping its various stakeholders informed as to how the business is managed.

Combining a high-quality design which conveyed M&C’s luxury branding, while presenting clear objectives in an appropriate format for an Annual Report, was a challenge. We set out to define what sets M&C apart from its peers and create a logical and succinct flow of information, including its strategy, business model, KPIs and highlighting its diverse geographical portfolio.

Northgate plc is the leading light commercial vehicle hire business in both the UK and Spain by fleet size and has been operating in the sector since 1981. Its core business is the hire of vehicles to other businesses on a non-contract basis, which gives customers the flexibility to manage their vehicle fleet without a long term commitment.

Northgate has a very strong brand with exceptional use of the colour green. We used this to create some striking imagery, convey the brand’s strengths and a clean, engaging layout.