With the largest in-house typesetting capacity in Europe at our London offices, we guarantee the fastest, most accurate and secure turnaround of your documents.

Capable of revising over 8,000 pages per week, our skilled operators work 24 hours a day (and 7 days a week whenever necessary), enabling us to provide you with the fastest, most accurate proof turnaround in the industry. Our highly skilled typesetters and proof-readers effectively become a key part of your working group, ensuring consistency and accuracy for the duration of your project.

Our software includes InDesign for more visually-oriented Corporate Reporting requirements, and 3B2, our specialist financial typesetting platform. 

3b2 allows us to 'dislocate' any document into multiple sections to allow our operators to make simultaneous changes - speeding up the typesetting and revision process.

Enable us to ensure documents are typeset to global Listing Authority and Stock Exchange standards and enables 'anchoring' of marginal references for Regulatory compliance.

Enable us to provide specific and cumulative blacklined PDF proofs in both strikethrough and clean formats to meet Regulatory requirements.

3b2 allows us to be capable of producing documents of well over 1,000 pages without corrupting, 3B2 is also the most robust and versatile platform available

In November 2013 the UK Listing Authority announced a requirement for Comparison files as opposed to Cumulative blacklined files.

The traditional way to produce these would be to export both new and previous versions of a document from typesetting platform to MS Word, and Deltaview compare them. However this poses a high risk of errors in the conversion process, while the output file contains Word commands and marginal style notes which can make the proof difficult to engage with and affect pagination.

A first in our industry, in 2011 we worked with AJS DataSolutions to develop a unique software enhancement which allows us to produce Comparison proofs directly from our typesetting platform. This means Comparison files can be produced in a fraction of the time they can be produced without this enhancement, are easier to read, and avoids the risk of errors.