Earlier this week, the FCA published proposed guidance on its approach to Part VII insurance business transfers. It includes a detailed 'Review of the communications strategy' for firms and Independent Experts, which includes the following:

7.26      Any communications sent to Policyholders should include:

  • the IE’s report summary
  • a supporting document such as a Q&A or FAQ which gives further details and issues for note by Policyholders
  • a summary of the terms of the Scheme itself
  • a description of the effect of the main provisions

7.27      We also expect these attachments to be sent in full, rather than cross referred to as available online or on request, unless there are exceptional circumstances where a different approach is justified.


Does this signal a return to traditional longer mailings? It would seem so, and this would be in line with the general trend towards greater disclosure and transparency. But for many insurance companies with significant Policyholder databases, the cost of this – in both monetary terms and ‘green credentials’ (think of all those trees!) could be punitive. Around 40% of the world’s population uses the internet, and the number of users exceeds 3.5bn. Would a mix of email, online and printed mailings not be a sensible and realistic alternative?

Consultation closes on 15th August. Let the FCA know your views: PartVIIGuidancedocumentfeedback@fca.org.uk 


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