We're delighted to welcome Julian Tapscott to head up our High Yield team and to look after some of our most prestigious clients. Julian has almost 30 years’ experience running High Yield and other deals including VDR transactions. He has set up and managed offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong & London for both UK and US companies. Here he talks about

"The last 2-3 years has seen perhaps the most significant changes in the financial printing industry since I began my career in 1988”, explains Julian. “With fewer providers than at any other time and significant downsizing of the financial printing operations of the US printers, advisors are having to reassess their options. I’m delighted to have joined Black&Callow and to be able to report that we are bucking the trend by not only maintaining our staffing levels, we are increasing them. Having the largest London based Typesetting operation of any financial printing company gives me tremendous confidence in being able to guarantee my clients the service that they need on their HY, ECM and SEC registered transactions.”

 For more information, contact Julian on 020 3794 1738 or by email to: julian.tapscott@blackandcallow.com