Tom Ireland is one of two graduates who have recently joined our team as Sales Analysts as part of our client growth strategy. As a young, budding professional in the financial market, he provides an insight into his role and perspective on the industry today.

Within your role as Sales Analyst what are your responsibilities?

Tom: My role revolves around making clients’ lives easier and building strong relationships with banks and law firms. As an analyst, an additional part of my job is based around researching the market and upcoming deals. It is essential for me to stay on top of the news and markets in order to advise clients and offer insight, to ultimately provide the best service and project delivery.

As a niche sector of the financial industry, what insights can Black&Callow offer potential clients?
Tom: A lot of our team has 20-30 years of experience in the industry, meaning we are best placed to help our clients through to deal completion. We have worked across various industry sectors on deals of diverse values with clients which really allows us to offer unique insight and share our observations of current and recent trends in the market. Our expertise shouldn’t be overlooked as it is a bonus for clients.

How does Black&Callow provide added value?
Tom: With 24hr business operation, our offices are always open. An additional benefit to our customers is that we keep the process in-house, rather than outsourcing our typesetting service. This gives clients piece of mind, as we have full control of transactions, and allows us to make quick and accurate responses to projects.
We’re the only company in our industry to be independently accredited as providing World Class Service, so our clients know they will get the very best service too. We are also always transparent about our estimates, and keep clients updated throughout projects if anything changes. This is a better approach compared with the client receiving a surprise bill at the end of a project.

Bringing a fresh, new perspective on the industry, what do you feel you can uniquely offer clients?
Tom: I think I bring a young and energetic approach, and a new perspective on industry trends. This, alongside the depth of experience the team has, provides the ultimate client support network. I have the drive and ambition to deliver the world class service that clients deserve and demand, and can offer innovative ideology.

What would you say is the biggest development in the industry right now?
Tom: The tech-side of the industry is rapidly growing. There’s clearly a move towards digital, and there is a huge gap in the market for online software to assist investment banks with running deal roadshows and IPO Research online. Our electronic software iRoadshow provides a solution for this gap, and is a cost-effective tool to progress deal interest. It is great that we are now able to offer digital services alongside our print remit.

Are there any immediate observations you would make about the industry right now?
Tom: Technology is being embraced to improve efficiency and accuracy rather than being seen as a threat. The industry is stronger than ever, and this is definitely to our advantage.

If you would like to find out more about Black&Callow’s services contact Tom via: tom.ireland@blackandcallow.com