Black&Callow is unique in providing the most user-friendly, but still Stock Exchange- and Listing Authority-compliant, files.

These include clean, standard blacklined, strikethrough blacklined, cumulative blacklined, cumulative strikethrough blacklined, and redlined files.

As well as these, we provide the fastest and most user-friendly Comparison files – a new requirement for many Listing Authorities since November 2013.

A first in our industry, we worked with the team at 3B2 to develop a unique software enhancement which allows us to produce Comparison proofs directly from our typesetting platform. This means Comparison files can be produced in a fraction of the time they can be produced without this enhancement, are easier to read, and avoids the risk of error.

Accuracy and flexibility

We guarantee accurate, fast turnaround proofing and flexibility around the clock, whenever you need us.

In addition to digital proofs, we can provide hard copy proofs in a variety of formats: from simple photostat copies in colour or black & white to full colour wetproofs and book proofs.

All of our proofs are checked by our professional proof-readers around the clock to ensure the greatest accuracy.