Stock Exchange and Listing Authority-compliant proofs – guaranteed

Black&Callow is unique in providing the most user-friendly, yet 100% compliant, files. These include clean, standard blacklined, strikethrough blacklined, cumulative blacklined, cumulative strikethrough blacklined, and redlined files. As well as these, we provide the fastest and most user-friendly Comparison files – a new requirement for many Listing Authorities since November 2013.

How is our Comparison file software different?

  • In 2018, when most of our competitors are outsourcing your confidential documents to sub-contractors outside Europe, we have an ongoing investment bolstering our in-house specialist financial typesetting capacity in London EC2
  • In 2011, working directly with the leading typesetting system manufacturer, 3B2, we instituted a radical software upgrade to ensure we maintain our position as the leading, user friendly provider
  • Our typesetting system, 3B2, offers line-by-line direct PDF to PDF comparisons, making sure that the document is as readable as possible, defining sentences to around 99.7% accuracy
  • Consequently our comparison software is significantly faster than competing systems and ensures proofs are created in a fraction of the time it takes alternative systems, which export to Word for off-line comparison before reincorporation
  • An additional automated process with pre-flight checking ensures greater accuracy still.

How are our Comparison files the most user-friendly in the market?

Alternative, Word-driven version with legibility issues




Black&Callow, 3B2-driven version – cleaner & easier to understand